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Green Living

Our Green Initiatives at Block 43 are a big thing. Because we care about having a better tomorrow.
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  • Why live in a Leed Certified

    Developers of LEED certified apartments create less of an impact on natural resources. Also, when an apartment property is LEED certified you know it's green. By living here, you're helping to sustain the environment.

    • Reduce your Carbon Footprint


      • Close to Mass Transit/Retail/Restaurants

    • Water Use Reduction

      • Low Flow Water Fixtures
      • Dual Flush Toilets
      • Drought Tolerant Landscaping

    • Energy Use Reduction

      • ENERGYSTAR windows and kitchen appliances
      • Programmable Thermostats

    • Other Green Features

      • On-site Recycling
      • Low VOC Finishes
      • Green label carpet padding

  • Sustainability and Wellness

    More than LEED, more than recycling, more than saving water... It's the way to a more fulfilling and balanced life. We create environments that nurture and build the whole person.

    • Physical Wellness

      We offer cleaner buildings with reduced allergens and dust, having as a consequence increased comfort for better sleep.

    • Environmental Wellness

      Increased natural light, a community recycling program and walkable friendly areas.

    • Social Wellness

      We encourage human connection and interaction, community connectivity and relaxation amenities.

    • Go Green

      Committed to Living Beyond Green, Block 43 offers residents a variety of helpful resources for sustainable apartment living.

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Student Apartments in Greensboro, NC Rates starting at $540!

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